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About Oak Grove Studio

Oak Grove Studio produces hand dyed yarn that can be used for Japanese braiding. We are proud to offer our high-quality and affordable priced products to customers nationwide.

Committed to Quality
Our owner of Oak Grove Studio has more than 30 years of experience and has been in this business since 1982. She raised animals and collected the fibers they produced, which she then dyed and sold to her customers for 20 years. By caring for the animals that produce the materials she sells, our owner is able to ensure that the raw materials were of exceptional quality. She now creates glass beads and sells hand dyed Silk and Nylon Ribbons for Kumihimo Braiding and  Kumihimo kits to customers wishing to learn the art of Japanese braiding.

Hand Dyed Fibers
Oak Grove Studio produces several types of fibers, all of which have been carefully hand dyed. All materials have been dyed within a set color palette. Additionally, we offer hand dyed silk, nylon, yarn, and other quality materials.

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